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Taj Mutt Hal return policy:  Customers may return items with receipt within seven days to receive a full refund (excludes opened food).  Items returned within 30 days will receive store credit, no returns outside of 30 days.  Products with a manufacturer defect will receive a full refund.  Taj Mutt Hal is not responsible for pet destroyed products.

We Love Our Animals and What We Do!

Delivery Service

For same day delivery orders must be received by 6:00pm Tuesday through Saturday and 4:00pm on Sunday.

Our delivery radius is 3 miles west of I-25.

Custom Dog Cakes

Create a custom cake for you your dogs big day!  Birthday's, Adoption Day, Anniversary's, etc

Call us 48 hours prior to the big day for your custom cake needs!

Full Service Grooming

We now offer full service grooming.

Tuesday thru Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm

Call Today for Appointments and Prices!


All Breeds

Every groom includes:  Nail Trim, Paw Pad Trim and Ear Cleaning

Additional Grooming Services:

Bath and Bush Only $40+

Face, Feet, Fanny $25+

Walk-In Grooming Services:

Nail Trim $10+

w/Dremel $15+

Anal Gland Extraction $10+

Ear Cleaning $10+

Teeth Cleaning $10+

Paw Pads and Round Feet $15+

Cat Grooming:

Hair Cut $75+

Hair Cut with Bath $95+

Nail Trim $20+

Additional Fees

Extended Stay $10 per 30 minutes after initial pick up phone cal

After Hours $200 if pet is picked up after store closes

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